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We offer physical and mental wellness services, combining contemporary assessment and complementary practices. Our services are suitable for anyone interested in improving their overall health and wellness levels, as well as people who seek a targeted consultation for their needs.

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From ancient knowledge…

Mendis; a name reminiscent of the Greek cultural influences on Mendes, a city of ancient Egypt in the 5th century BC. A city that greatly attracted scholars and men of letters, such Herodotus and Ptolemy.

Also used as an ancient egyptian alias of the god Pan,”Mendes” was associated with the principle of universality. As the tradition suggests, Pan was, among others, was recognised as a symbol of life, light, nature, balance and peace on Earth. Values and ideas from which, in everyday life, certain meaning stemmed through philosophy, science and medicine.

In Hippocrates’ work, there is indicative reference to the balance of elements in the human body, as well as the various effects of nutriments (food) on each individual. Likewise, Galen outlines his idea on harmony of the body, while Dioscurides procures a comprehensive classification of herbs – i.e. ingredients found in plenty of present-day supplements.

…to modern technology

The perception of the human organism as a whole and not simply as a sum of its subsystems is evident in the ancient Greek tradition, but is also fundamental in Chinese and Indian medicine. Besides, it is the foundation of the notion that human physical and mental state interact with the energy flow channelled through the so-called energy centres of the body.

Today, we have the opportunity to actually witness the synergy of such alternative approaches with modern technology and the established, standard knowledge of physiology, anatomy and the properties of substances and foods.

Methods such as energetic screening give us the chance to apply wellness practices using contemporary means, for the well-being of both the body and spirit.

These are the principles on which our services; our goal is to help the clients that will trust them to make, promptly and simply, well informed choices to change their state of body and mind.

Fotini Karakassi, complementary practitioner

Fotini Karakassi studied Biology at the University of Crete and received her MSc in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Groningen, Netherlands. In the last 11 years, she worked as a scientific associate in firms and organisations active in the markets of natural supplements and medical & pharmaceutical equipment. Motivated by her involvement in those fields and growing interest in alternative health practices, she acquired expertise in holistic methods, such as energetic-quantum screening and bioneuro-feedback. She  commenced respective training of health professionals. At the same time, she undertook training in Neurolinguistic Programming.
Since 2018, she runs MENDIS Wellness Centre, using simple and holistic practices designed to support the overall physical, mental and spiritual health quality, naturally and painlessly.

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I have always been captivated by knew knowledge with regard to the function of biological systems. Navigating through many of the paths of Biological Sciences, I fulfilled an inner need for knowledge and truths that would be of great benefit for people, our everyday life and society in general. The deeper understanding of biological systems and their interactions with the environment, as well as of the bottom-to-top emerging properties looked like such a fascinating endeavour.

Henceforth I developed new ways of thinking and perceptions of biological existence, such as the consideration of the human body as a whole, an amalgamation of matter and energy; the emergence and use of ancient practices, the triplet of body-mind-spirit and the role of these perceptions in interpreting the respective interactions.

Observing the synergy found – and constantly growing – between classic knowledge and complementary practices, I appreciated the value they can bring to our overall physical and mental health. That was precisely the idea behind creating MENDIS Wellness Centre, combined with my desire to work with people who share the same principles.

It is truly rewarding to see that, through my work, I can help those who choose us and trust our practices to improve their quality of life. To retrieve the balance they need in simple, everyday things or more complicated issues alike.

I would hardly allege that I hold the “secret” of balance in life. As it is actually within each and one of us, our individual characteristics considered. But what I gladly promise is proper guidance and feasible solutions, so that you may achieve – shall you choose us – real, positive change in your life.

Fotini Karakassi, biologist MSc