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Yes. Our services do not interfere, do not affect and are not affected by any medicinal treatment you may follow, either temporary or on regular basis. On the contrary, under certain circumstances, they can act supportively and in a complementary manner. For instance, the strengthening of the body with frequencies can assist the body in having a milder reaction to possible side effects of medicines.

Our services do not consist of medical acts or diagnosis or treatment that relate to the procedure of your medical follow-up. Thus, a prescription or particular recommendation of any health care professional so as to use them is not necessary nor required.

In cases that you notice diminishing of the symptoms for which you are following pharmaceutical or other standard treatment, we advise you to you to inform your doctor, so that the treatment or the recommended treatments can be adjusted accordingly.

Complementary practices do not really conflict with standard/classic or the so-called conventional practices, but they can complement them and support their purpose. As for the available options in alternative practices, they are indeed too many and, at the same time, the way professionals practice them may greatly vary. Since wellbeing practices are connected directly to health, it is recommended to choose practitioners that can inspire trust and prudence.

Yes. It is fine to use energetic and other practices during the same period. In fact, we encourage you to inform us about any concurrent sessions you undergo, in order to customise our sessions and suit them to bring you combined benefit.

No. The devices of energetic screening and neurofeedback that we use can be applied with no problem. It is advisable though to inform us about it, so as to adjust the treatment with SCENAR properly and/or interpret the results of the energetic test accordingly.

No. Under some circumstances a minor and short worsening of the symptoms in several forms is observed, before you can notice the beneficial effects of the sessions. These symptoms will vanish in a few minutes or hours and in fact indicate that these sessions can act effectively and assist you in rehabilitation.

Yes. They are suitable for all ages.

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Yes. The frequencies generated by the device are radiowaves of minimal intensity and are transmitted through a current of minimal power, much lower than that used by a portable radio that works with batteries.

Energetic screening is not a medical act or diagnosis and does not substitute them. It is an assessment of the body in terms of energy flow and is conducted with the use of a frequencies device, which does not constitute medical equipment. That said, the results of your energetic screening corresponds to an evaluation of health levels and its use is a matter of personal choice and preference.

The energetic food screening determines, energy-wise, foods or ingredients that affect the body in general. If you know which do so, you can make your own dietary choices and control how they affect you. Nevertheless, the food screening does not constitute a diet plan and does not suggest nutritional advice. Therefore, it is important to consult your dietitian for specific weight change goals.

Energetic screening is considered a complementary practice and contrary to methods such as reiki or reflexology, it is conducted with the use of a device and computer, not bare hands. The device does not substitute the health practitioner but assist them in delivering a complete and prompt consultation. Acupuncture is a medical act and must be practiced by properly trained doctors.

No, what is important is the primary ingredient. Supplements come in different sizes and combinations with different names/labels and are produced by different companies. There are usually compatible choices to match the needs of your recommendations. Our goal is to offer you proper guidance. In case you are unable to find a recommended supplement, feel free to contact us and we will suggest suitable alternatives.

Yes. For a most accurate result it is advisable to be fast for two (2) hours before the test and you should not have consumed excessive amounts of food or drink of any particular cuisine for about one (1) week before the test. If you are on medication, take it as you always do and be well hydrated.

The recommended number of sessions varies depending on the test you choose and your needs. Normally you are recomended to repeat the basic test after 3-6 weeks. For full recovery the number is determined based on the intensity of your symptoms. The following examples are indicative: For mental/emotional imbalances 5 to 7 sessions may be needed, in cases of allergic reactions 3 to 15 in or more sets, and 3 visits yearly for nutritional monitoring.

The energetic test is not suitable for people using an active infusion pump or pacemaker, or for pregnant women. Metal implants do not affect the test, but you should let us know in order to better understand your test results.

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SCENAR operates through the transmission of electrical pulses like an electrotherapy device (e.g. TENS), in order to activate the defence mechanisms of the body, prompting, for instance the release of endorphins. However, the pulse of TENS remains unchanged during a session and, as a result, the cells gets used to it and begin to “ignore” it. SCENAR, however, is continuously adapting to the body reactions, prompting the release of neuropeptides. The latter flow through the whole circulatory system and therefore can bring an overall beneficial effect, offering pain relief and regeneration.

Yes. SCENAR is a monotherapy, while physiotherapy sessions include more than one different devices. The relief is noticeable from the first visit and the result is stable over time. SCENAR works in parallel with your body and you do not need to have a break, as required in the usual therapies utilising currents. The sessions can take place before, after and even in the same period with your physiotherapy. This is why, after all, you may find physiotherapists that use it regularly in their practice.

The easing effect is noticeable from the first session. For lasting relief, we recommend three (3) and preferably six (6) or more, depending on the intensity of the problem.

Yes. In fact, the sooner you start, the faster your body can alleviate from the post-surgical pain and commence tissue regeneration in the operated area.

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NLP is not psychotherapy, it does not scrutinise the past, but focuses on the present and the future. It has technical similarities with psychotherapy to the extent that it shares the same means of delivery (e.g. through conversation and speech). As a technique, it might be applied by some psychologists or psychotherapists. However, the main difference lies in the fact that NLP facilitates change at the subconscious level and requires fewer sessions over time. Some techniques might resemble hypnosis or dramatisation. For instance, you may be asked to close your eyes and imagine a picture or stand up pretending to be an object. The aim is for your NLP consultant to understand how you are feeling now and how you would like to feel in the present and the future; not elaborating on how you have felt in the past. The techiques that would be applied are chosen according to the needs of the examinee and during a session more than one may be applied.

No. It is suitable for all, mentally healthy people, regardless of their current psychology. As a technique – and since it’s not a therapy – it can be applied in a variety of cases that may be related with personal life, career, self-improvement etc. For instance, a sales executive can have NLP to improve the perception of their performance, a manager to deal with the stress of their responsibilities, a smoker so to manage their effort to quit and so on.

Normally it takes 8 to 12 sessions to achieve a settled, desired goal. The result is always under your control. As long as you maintain the new behavioural patterns and as long as these freshly deployed strategies are beneficial, the better you confirm the outcome of your NLP sessions. You can even have NLP every day. It is recommended  to have the first three to four sessions as close together as possible.