Energetic screening is a method of dealing with imbalances in the body, indicating the systems where energy flow is higher or lower than normal. This excess or lack of energy is manifested in various forms; from a general feeling of fatigue or weakness to more fixated issues, such as irritations or disturbance in certain systems (digestive, respiratory etc.).

With the use of a contemporary frequencies device:

  • We can locate where the imbalances occur and have a round picture of the physical and mental state.
  • We can help the body to restore its balance through employing its own recovery and defence mechanisms.


1. It provides immediate results.

2. It is easy and painless

3. It is suitable for everyone



  • Energetic assessment of foods is the most direct, easy and painless way to determine food types that affect the body
  • Compatibility assessment of up to 544 food items, drinks and ingredients, such as gluten, lactose, sweeteners, colourants and more.
  • Checking compatible types of exercise: Find out how your body ``prefers`` to train.
  • Channeling of phenolic frequencies for overall support: We provide the body with the energy-based information that it needs to respond more mildly.
  • Since it does not constitute a dietary plan, the energetic food test is ideal for persons who follow their own nutritional habits, as well as those who wish to make better choices.
  • DURATION: Up to 25 minutes.

  • Depending on your needs and preferences, we can adjust the screening and thoroughly examine specific areas.
  • Like the regular screening, the custom test allows us to determine the causes of imbalances and act on removing them by channeling standard frequencies.
  • According to the results of the initial test, we recommend optimal changes in your daily routine and a long-term plan of re-evaluation and support.
  • DURATION: Up to two (2) hours.


Especially designed energetic screening programmes for people who have made the important decision to quit smoking. They include:

  • Complete energetic screening to determine the effect of smoking on the body.
  • Substitution of addiction factors with frequencies.
  • Strengthening frequencies that will support you in the daily efforts to resist smoking.
  • Application of NLP tactics during the sessions, in order to help in maintaining your determination and will to quit smoking.

Quit-smoking programmes are customised per individual, depending on the stress levels and physical state of the body.


Frequency-based communication with the body is similar to the functionality of an ultrasound imaging device or an echo-location system, such as the one found in dolphins. The waves, though, are of very low intensity. The energetic screening takes place in two phases:

1. Locating imbalances

The frequencies device transmits low intensity pulses towards the body and measures the time and wavelength of the pulses, when they return to the device.

The “responses” of the body are indicated on the computer screen, while an extensive, updated database is used for their interpretation.

2. Active energetic support

Since we have a clear picture of what affects the body’s physiology and homeostasis, we are able to provide it with the information necessary to restore its balance. This is achieved by transmitting optimal frequencies.

Frequency-based communication with the body is similar to the functionality of an ultrasound imaging device or an echo-location system, such as the one found in dolphins. The waves used, notably, are of very low intensity.


Energetic screening is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and gender, or their current physical state. It is recommended for individuals:

  • Feeling in good health and wishing to generally improve their health levels and wellness, as well as to strengthen their body in order to cope with imbalances that may affect them more efficiently.
  • Wishing to deal with specific imbalances, using customised sessions of energetic test.

The process does not interfere with any treatment or medication and does not traverse the advice of any health practitioner.

It is not recommended for women during pregnancy or people who use an infusion pump, pacemaker or other stimulation device.