Complete Wellness Consultation

Are you enjoying or planning your stay in Athens?

Take back home a unique piece of knowledge about your body and mind, the result of synergy among ancient philosophy, quantum physics and modern technology. Benefit from a holistic wellness, energetic screening and guide yourself how to Feel Better!

Give your stay in Athens a touch of ancient holistic wisdom and modern science. Book an energetic session that will offer you enhanced insight about your wellbeing and spiritual shape.


The energetic screening is a holistic reviewing process and consultation that delivers exclusive, versatile knowledge about your body and mind. It indicates areas where energy flow is higher or lower than normal and ‘reads’ your body’s natural attributes in relation to optimal activity.


Find out random imbalances generated by different factors and get answers that will help you rearrange your everyday life.

  • Which parts of you are under stress?
  • Which foods or ingredients may affect you more?
  • How balanced are nutrients in your body, such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements?
  • What kind of exercise is more suitable for you?
  • How do your emotions affect your body?
  • Discover your biological age. How truly old is your constitution?

Restore balance and help your body regain its strength using optimal frequencies for overall support.


Take back home a unique piece of knowledge about your body and mind; The result of a fine-tuned synergy among ancient philosophy, quantum physics and modern technology. Book a wellness consultation at the venue of your choice.


  • Overall individual wellness screening.
  • Tolerance testing for 376 food items and ingredients (e.g. gluten, lactose etc.).
  • Nutritional test: energetic presence or lack of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other essential substances in the body.
  • Test for recommended exercise (type, frequency, intensity).
  • Determination of biological age.
  • Emotional trait test.


  • Energetic support through the use of optimal frequencies.
  • Recommendation of suitable natural supplements (two to five) to restore balance and wellness.
  • Recommendation of Bach flower remedies to support mental strength.
  • A print and a digital copy of your energetic screening outcome (in English).


Energetic screening is done with the use of a low frequency generating device that communicates with the body and receives information in a way similar to how dolphins use echo-location.
Simple physical contact of one’s hands with the device is enough to establish communication and allow its software to ‘read’ the time and length of the frequencies returning from the body. The screening process itself only lasts a few minutes and you will feel nothing during that time.

After we have a clear picture of the ‘responses’ the body itself has given, we are able to provide it with the information necessary, i.e. optimal frequencies, to start restoring its balance.

Hi! Visiting Greece? Excellent choice for your holidays! Would you like to make it more relevant and beneficial to your well-being? My name is Fotini Karakassi, I am an alternative practitioner, Biologist (MSc) and NLP coach. Shall you choose to book a Holistic Energetic Wellness Consultation with me, I will guide you through the test, answer all the questions you may have and make valuable recommendations that can help you bring positive change in your life. Enjoy your stay!


PRICE: € 160,00 (incl. 24% VAT)

LOCATION : At your preferred venue.
Examples: your hotel rest area/lobby, Airbnb apartment, gallery-café or any relatively quiet place.

DURATION : 1 to 1.5 hours

Use the calendar below to pick an available date and time that suits you.

  • Pay safely via PayPal.

  • A refund is available only for cancellations made three (3) days before the selected date.

The price includes appointment for addresses up to 50 kilometers/30 miles from Athens city centre. For remote locations please contact us.


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An integral part of ancient Greek practices

You may have heard or read about Hippocrates, the father of Medicine. Born in 460 BC in Kos island, in the southeastern Aegean Sea region, Hippocrates founded Medicine as a distinct science, wrote about a multitude of illnesses, conditions and remedies and furnished the famous Hippocratic Oath contemporary physicians are accustomed to take. But in the heart of Hippocrates’ work is not just medical practice as such. For he, as well as Heracleitus, was not solely a scientist, but also a philosopher and an “artist; a prose poet”, as William Henry Samuel Jones put it (1876-1963).

Hippocrates also canvassed his ideas about what constitutes our bodies and how important balance is to preserve wellness. For example, he established that “man enjoys the most perfect health” when the four humours of the body “are duly proportioned to one another in respect of compounding, power and bulk, and when they are perfectly mingled” (‘Nature of Man’, IV).
Of course, this notion of balance and proportionality is equally evident in other ancient cultures, expressed with different words. According to Chinese tradition, the body’s ch’i flows balanced through energy channels, the meridians, while Indian traditions conceptualise the balance of elements like the doshas in Ayurveda.

All such holistic approaches have greatly contributed today in understanding how our well-being is affected as a whole by numerous aspects of our lives, for example stress, nutrition, types of exercise, workplace etc. But, how can we discover this information and tap on it to bring change and wellness in our lives? Modern frequency technology encompasses the holistic wisdom and can address the right questions to your body. All you have to do is offer it an energetic screening session.